District 6 consists of the Annapolis Neck Peninsula (including the City of Annapolis), Crownsville and Sherwood Forest. Both the Severn River and the South River run parallel to the peninsula. District 6 in Anne Arundel County is diverse in its geography, communities and population. Patchwork legislation should be replaced by forward, long-term thinking. Scott believes the best way to represent people is to listen to their wants and needs and then take appropriate action based on those wants and needs. Listening and engaging with a diverse group of members of the community is important to our long-term success.


Environmental fines need to go back to the environment, not to a general fund.

Supporting continued stormwater restoration projects for the prosperity of our Bay.

Takes a tough stance on new development and encourages sustainable redevelopment.


Supporting consistent & reliable salary increases and benefits for teachers, staff and other public employees.

Continuity of programming is important so our children can benefit from a consistent approach.

Advocating for community ambassadors to help overworked teachers.

Strengthening Center for Applied Technology program for our children’s futures.

Quality of Life:

Supporting reduction in traffic and congestion efforts on Forest Drive, Rowe Blvd. & General’s Highway.

Encouraging transportation and infrastructure upgrades.

Advocating for public safety and smart initiatives in combating the opioid epidemic.



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