District 6 consists of the Annapolis Neck Peninsula (including the City of Annapolis), Crownsville and Sherwood Forest. Both the Severn River and the South River run parallel to the peninsula. District 6 in Anne Arundel County is diverse in its geography, communities and population. Patchwork legislation should be replaced by forward, long-term thinking. Scott believes the best way to represent people is to listen to their wants and needs and then take appropriate action based on those wants and needs. Listening and engaging with a diverse group of members of the community is important to our long-term success.


The current environmental laws are not being enforced and fines are going into the general fund instead of environmental. The money is not going to the environment. We must take a tough stance on new development and proposed projects like Crystal Spring and the Bayhawks stadium must be opposed. The General Development Plan must be followed and citizens need to be listened to on land-use decisions that affect their community. Scott will advocate for stormwater restoration projects for our Bay. For his leadership on environmental issues, Scott has earned the endorsement of the Sierra Club and League of Conservation Voters. He is a proud board member of the Anne Arundel Scenic Rivers Land Trust. 



Our county is lagging behind other jurisdictions and it's time to fully fund our Annapolis schools. Our teachers and support staff need steady income with consistent pay increases. Annapolis challenge grants should be restored, the Center for Applied Technology can be strengthened and more school resource officers are needed. Wiser land-use decisions can lead to smaller class sizes. We need community ambassadors to provide a connection from the community to the schools.


Quality of Life:

Scott supports reduction in traffic and congestion efforts on Forest Drive, Rowe Blvd. & General’s Highway. We need to build our community around people, instead of the automobile. Scott will encourage transportation and infrastructure upgrades and work with the City of Annapolis in making our communities more bikeable, walkable and safer for our children. Scott served on the City's transition team for the Buckley administration and is poised to work with Mayor Buckley on this.

The terrible opioid epidemic has touched far too many families. Scott is a member of the Annapolis Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition. Both prevention and treatment solutions are needed. Our first responders need the latest training and equipment in order to provide care and save lives. We must invest in long term addiction treatment.



  • Fraternal Order of Police
  • Sierra Club
  • League of Conservation Voters
  • Councilman Andrew Pruski
  • Former Councilwoman Barbara Samorajczyk
  • Alderman Rob Savidge
  • Alderman Marc Rodriguez
  • Alderwoman Elly Tierney
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